Knife 11


Knife 01

I use several types of painting knives. Some large, some small.

Knife 02

When I work on details, I use  a knife with very narrow, sharp blade.

Knife 03

The knife on the left is probably the smallest knife in the market. About 1/2″. The right one is my custom made, 1/4″.

Knife 04

How to make such knives with narrow blade? It’s easy. First, get a flat metal file at Home Depot.

Knife 05

Shave the side of the blade.

Knife 06

Keep shaving until you get the shape you want.

Knife 07

It takes about 10 minutes from the left blade to the right blade.

nife 08

Check the edge of the blade. It has to be smooth. But it’s not easy to make a smooth edge with a file alone.

Knife 09

So, use sanding paper. Probably around #200.

Knife 10

These narrow knives are equivalent of #1 round brush. Very helpful for detail works.

Knife 11

Also helpful to create sharp, deep cut texture.

Thank you for reading my post.


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